Timeless Concrete Clocks

beautiful simplicity

the simplest of things can be the most beautiful

by Combining untreated concrete with a flawlessly smooth face, bric have created a clock which is perfectly stripped back and elegant


a classic timepiece, timeless in it’s design


soft concrete

Bric started designing clocks in 2017 with the original design the ‘classic’ . characterised by it’s smooth, soft grey, concrete exterior, satin white face and true black hands.

Now the range has expanded to include the ‘pure’ which gives a subtly different take on the colour ways of the ‘classic’, featuring a black concrete shell and soft grey hands




We are excited to be able to offer the chance to totally customise a bric clock to suit your room or mood. With options on the hue of the concrete surround, the colour of face and hands, even alter the shape of the hands on your clock face . . .

classic colour

We are excited to be able to offer the chance to customise the hue of the hands of your bric clock to add a splash of colour to suit your room or mood . . .

dimensions white-2.jpg


Each bric clock is handmade here in the UK. The concrete is hand poured into a unique mold, and is untreated allowing the natural imperfections and subtle differences between pours to show through. Please be aware that this technique means that within the concrete there are bubbles, natural flaws and colour fluctuations, but this is what we believe makes our clocks so beautiful

our clocks all fit the dimensions of 100mm by 100 mm by 75mm, making it the just the right size for your desk or mantlepiece